* Server Information *

   /info - opens this window

   /players - lists all on-line players

* Private Messaging *

   You can send messages to other players on the server that are only shared between you two.

   /pm <player name> <message> - Sends a private message to the specified player

   /r - A shortcut to reply to the last person who private messaged you

* Rewards / In-Game Shop *

   Rewards are points you accrue through playing on this server. If you down another player or

   kill an animal, you're granted points that you're able to spend in the shop.

   Just for being on-line, you're granted a point every hour.

   /vote - vote for our servers and get 15 points per vote / daily (see www.uprisingserver.com)

   /shop - Brings up the shop where you can spend points

* Homes *

   You have 2 or 3 homes points (depending on the server you are on) available to you, 

   which you can set and teleport to at anytime.

   Note that there is a cooldown period between performing a teleport. Homes must be placed

   in an area that is not building blocked. ViPs can gain more home points and

   reduced cooldowns (see www.uprisingserver.com for more info).

   /sethome <home name> - Adds a home point

   /home remove <home name> - Removes a home point

   /home <home name> - Teleports to the specified home point

   /home list - Lists your homes

* Teleportation * (not available on Semi-Vanilla Server)

    Rust in-game teleportation system for players.

    Note that there is a cooldown period between performing a teleport and number of times you can teleport per day.

    ViPs can gain more teleportations per day as well as reduced cooldowns (see www.uprisingserver.com for more info).

        /tpinfo TRP - Shows limits and cooldowns
        /tphelp - Shows help

     /tpr <player name> - Sends a teleport request to the player
    /tpa - Accepts an incoming teleport request
    /tpc - Cancel teleport or request
    /town - Teleports yourself to town

* Kits *

   Kits provide you with items, usually designed to give you a bit of help after

   a wipe with additional resources and startup tools. 

   More Kits are available to our ViPs! (see www.uprisingserver.com for more info).

   Use the command to see what kits are available to you. (Donating provides additional kits)

   /kit - to see available kits

   /kit <kit-name> - get the kit

* Remove Tool *

   This server comes equiped with the remove tool! Placed a wall incorrectly?

   Want to redecorate? You can remove it easily using the remove tool. Toggle the

   remove tool, walk up to the item, and click the mouse button. And it's gone.

   You can only remove items you or your clan members place.

   /remove - Toggles the remove tool on or off

* Live Map *

   Uprising has live map access!


       OUR Uprising US Servers:

   Sign into Steam, and you can see the entire map including the location of those players who've

   authorized you on the 'allies' panel. From here, you can also view a mortality overlay, showing

   the maps action hotspots.

* Clans *

   Clans on Uprising grant you a few benefits. For starters, anyone who is in your clan

   will automatically be granted building privilages, code lock access, and turret

   protection for any of the respective items placed. Note that the clan members will

   not be authorized automatically, but they will still be granted most of the privilages

   that comes with authorization (like not being shot in the face by your own clan's turret).

   All clan members have their in-game names prefixed by the clan's tag.

   /clan - Shows information on the clan

   /clan help - Provides all clan commands, from inviting to kicking

   /cmenu - A nice Uprising Clan Management Tool

* Building Grade (BGrade) *

   BGrade is a plugin allowing you to place walls, foundations, and other structures and

   automatically have them upgraded to the specified grade of wood, stone, metal, or armour.

   The appropriate resources are automatically removed from your inventory, and the placed

   structure is automatically upgraded without having to use your hammer.  Note that depending

   on your donator package, you may not have access to bgrade level 4.

   /bgrade 0 - Turn off BGrade

   /bgrade 1 - Auto upgrade to wood

   /bgrade 2 - Auto upgrade to stone (ViP Only)

   /bgrade 3 - Auto upgrade to sheet metal (ViP Only)

   /bgrade 4 - Auto upgrade to top tier armor (ViP Only)

* Friends System *

  /friends - Displays your friends list and essential usage instructions
  /addfriend <Name/SteamId> - Adds a player to your friends
  /removefriend <Name/SteamId> - Removes a player from your friends
  /fm|f  <Message> Broadcasts a message to all of your friends
  /pm|m <Name/SteamId> <Message> Sends a private message to the specified player
  /rm|r <Message> Replies to the last message received

      /fmenu - allows you to add / remove friends using a UI