Perks are considered an added Bonus to a VIP package and are subject to be changed, tweaked or removed without notice.

Here to list a few current VIP perks for the Platinum VIP Rank:

/sil access - upload your art!
/reskin or /skin access - reskin your guns and cloths!
/bgrade access up to top tier
/trade access to the in-game trading tool
/codelock - access to the code lock build tool
/attack - target player will get attacked by random animals
/rec - Recycle crafted items to base resources
Bypass Queue on Servers
More Home Locations
Faster Home & TP Cool-downs
In Game Coins! (One time not every Wipe!) 

Changes are constantly being made to the mechanics of perks to prevent abuse, perks are meant to make the game more interesting and fun, but at the same time i cant have the abuse. If you have any questions or suggestions just use the Help Desk. and i will quickly reply and address any issues.