Once you purchase, the VIP rank, you will be good for EVERY wipe on ANY of my servers for a duration of 4 months. (There is a LIFE Time ViP kit coming soon!)

These kits are good for ANY of servers, after every server WIPE. ( You might have to tell us if you play on more then one of them so we can activate it for you )

You can purchase every level of the VIP ranks, but not multiple of the same.

Due to the nature of the game and being an Alpha Game, I reserve the right to change any items/perks and/or item amounts without notice.

Absolutely no kit refunds, item refunds for lost items, redeem your kits in a safe base!

Please keep in mind that Rust is in Alpha, meaning, glitches will occur, do NOT purchase VIP until you are 100% confident that my server is for you.

I will only refund any donations if your purchase was NEVER redeemed and you changed your mind of playing on my servers!

Scammers WILL be permanently IP banned from ALL my servers!

Rules that apply to all Servers

* TRY and help new players and don't kill them!
* DON'T be a major troll in chat, do your BEST to respect others, no racial slurs, no Spam!
* NO Griefing! Please!
* DON'T block access (with walls) to major loot spawns and monuments or other players bases
* DON'T glitch inside rocks. (if found base / boxes will be removed on the spot)
* DON'T impersonate players or ADMINS
* ZERO cheating, don't be glitching either, you will get caught sooner or later (and BANNED!)
* DDoS threats, real life threats towards the server OR another fellow players WILL result in a BAN, NO questions asked
* DON'T leak personal information about other players in public chat, that is also a ban, NO questions asked
* ADMITTING to cheating/glitching, jokingly or not will result in a BAN
* No VAC bans within 30 days
* No EAC bans (or banned alt accounts) within 365 days
* ENJOY your time here, any issues, click the Help Desk area above and I will quickly reply!